We have 2 gigs this month
   Friday 7 June at The Prince Albert Hotel, Gawler 7pm,
   Thursday 27 June The Gilbert Hotel , Adelaide 7pm.
   After that i'm off the Sydney to start putting together larger band for recording and touring later in    year, with past musical friends.
   Working on new Blues and Soul Album, Live Album and also Musical/Stage show for The Fringe          Next year will mark 50 years in the Music Industry, so planning for then with national tour , 
   new  albums , and re-release of past albums.
   The 3 piece will continue to do a few Adelaide gigs till it's all ready.
   Thanks to all that came to see us and support our last album tour.

Both our new album and last years now avail on Bandcamp

“Blue and Indigo” 

Album by Keith Hall Blue and Indigo. 

Review by Alan Edwards (Musical Australiana) 104.7 Gippsland FM. 

This is a wonderful album that is all about the everpresent and ordinary issues of day-to-day living. It is a reminder that music is deeply ingrained in our culture, and an important aid to understanding and dealing with those issues; regardless of whether it is just adding to simple pleasures such as looking at the colours of the sky,(‘Blue and Indigo’) or dealing with intense interpersonal matters(‘Crazy’,'You Left Me Standing There’). There is almost always more than one way of looking at any story, and ‘Nursery Rhymes’ is both cute and clever in demonstrating that. 

Blues music has always been to the fore in dealing with the harsher realities of life, such as isolation (‘Wrecked’), and homelessness (‘Everybody Needs A Home’). Whilst‘Watching The Rivers Run’ hints at the value of being able to take the longer view on occasions. 

Keith Hall Blue and Indigo make ‘Blues Falling’ into a lovely commentary about how the right inspiration can make even a difficult task end in the joy of achievement. To make a pick for best track is very difficult, but my choice is ' I Keep Rolling On’ because of the way that it highlights the importance of resilience, and determination to follow your calling, which is particularly true for musicians. 

This album rates as excellent in all respects. The songwriting aptly blends tunes and lyrics that have something to say, and the musical performance is crisp, clean, and flawless. I particularly liked that all of the vocals are clear and easily discerned. It will be a great surprise if it is not rated as one of the best blues abums for 2023.


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